We are a group of 4 Professional Musicians, a Psychologist, a Journalist, a Social Worker and Case Managers with a long experience in music entertainment scene and in Albanian Civil Society. We are strongly convinced that music will

make the difference in the Youth Social Inclusion and employment following the youngsters’ passions and talents without forcing them to choose the trends of moment’s jobs.

New Year
The projects that we have are based more than 90% in the assistance of behavioral needs of young people, building respect, confidence and self-esteem. Youth Music will give the opportunity to make music, helping the young people to overcome the challenges they face in their life.


Our music projects support young people to develop their creative and social skills, by making e  positive contribution to their community and improving their wellbeing.  Also in the prominent future we will have an online community platform of music education professionals. We know that many young people have no access in activities because of their economic and social or ethnicorigin. They often have no places to perform their music without paying fees, so we provide free spaces for rehearsals, festivals and events to youngsters coming from vulnerable situations or communities. 


Our Mission: is to be at the heart of children and young people’s music-making, identifying learning activities for the most vulnerable ones, children with handicap (Down Syndrome and Autism) and those with least opportunities. We will use our unique commitment to drive lateral thinking and inclusive approaches across music education.


Our Vision: Life-changing through music-making is available to all children and young people especially to the most vulnerable.


Why music matters: We help transform the lives of disadvantaged children and young people by supporting them to achieve their full potential through engagement and progression in music making or other professional skills necessary for the music business entertainment.

For children and young people who have had, or are having a difficult start in life, involvement in music- making can really turn things around. As a tool for self expression, therapy and personal growth, music is uniquely placed to help.

The choir

Being involved in music projects where they are supported and encouraged by professionals in the music and entertaining fields, their creativity welcomed and nurtured, allows  the young people with difficult lives to begin to find their way, taking charge of their lives and making positive steps towards their future.