“One love Soul” in Tirana

watch the video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msvT5TmJWlI


MTR Albania has been blessed by the arriving of a couple from France and Germany.

They have this project named One Love Soul. “One Love Soul” is a humanitarian project utilizing music, dance and expression as a fusion of love and healing.
Thanks to Michael and Marcia we created the social kitchen and in addition to the soul kitchen, we made partial sound isolation of the rehearsals room and thanks to Fabio and Francesca (volunteers from Germany) we now have separated the kitchen from the music rehearsal studio. The support was fantastic also regarding the great interest that the children showed to the volunteers and the work done by them in the most vulnerable areas of Tirana by engaging the most vulnerable children from Roma community and non Roma. We are thankful for our fantastic volunteers, our friends from ONE LOVE SOUL for supporting us through their music, dances, small finances and the good energy they brought.




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