Support the empowerment of vulnerable youth through renting our sound/audio services!

In order to meet its growing needs and contribute to the sustainability of the mission, MTR Albania raises additional funds for its projects, by renting and providing sound/audio – services to third parties.

By giving us an opportunity to support your events as a partner in your public social projects, you give to all these young adults a chance to work in a safe and paid professional job, keeping them off the usual dangerous jobs they cover to survive.

We can provide you instantly, at any time, technical support and all the related equipment as follows:

  • Complete Audio System Electro Voice Brand (from 300-1200 persons) (Electro Voice Tour X 1152)
  • Lighting System from 5m2 to 60m2 (XXX 2016)
  • Stage ‘set up’ of different dimensions and concepts
  • Organization and management of music/artistic public events up to 2000 people
  • Sound Engineering
  • Lights Technician

"Pal Engjelli" School children

  • All our rates are more competitive than related commercial service providers, because for us this is a way to educate and provide funds so more youth in need can learn and practice music.


  • The funds raised by renting the above services/equipment will be used to pay the salaries of the teachers hired to train the children and young adults in guitar, vocal, percussion, choir, saxophone and to promote Roma/non Roma music bands in different public events. This is a way to help the youth with less opportunities integrate in the musical and social scene of Tirana, Albania, Europe and beyond.


  • Additionally, for those who do not show or possess any particular ability in learning a musical instrument, but are very interested in music, MTR Albania trains them to be audiotechnicians and have related skills and knowledge to manage Audio/Sounds equipment and systems from A to Z.


  • Sincere regards,
  • Executive Director
  • Vitmar Basha